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BlackBoard Arts is an online education company that specializes in providing distance education to individuals interested in the arts. Currently we are offering 6 online courses. Each course is an introductory course that not only focuses on teaching you the basics, but also places emphasis on teaching you more advanced techniques that will help distinguish you as an artist.  

Our courses are focused around you and your objectives. BlackBoard Arts has adopted an “outcomes based” learning module where our students are encouraged to focus on their specific interests within each learning module. At BlackBoard Arts we believe not only in learning but also in doing. That is why each of our courses have various assignments that are sure to help you cement your understanding of the course information.

BlackBoard Arts also separates itself from the pack by offering online interaction between our staff members and our students. At the end of each course our students are required to complete a final assignment which will then be analyzed, praised and critiqued by one of our trained staff members.

Best of all, our entire learning curriculum is digital which means you can start learning as soon as you enroll and you don't need to buy any other expensive notebooks or learning aids. You simply login to our web site to access the learning material and complete assignments as they are asked of you.

If you have any questions about our courses please email us. We will be sure to get back to you within 24 hours!

Photography Course Available Now !!

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