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photography negativePhotography Course: Learn how to Create Stunning Photographs and Promote Yourself as a Photographer!

Photography is the creation of a visual language. It's the telling of a story without words. It's also a fantastic hobby and a wise career choice considering it is relatively inexpensive to get into and both the monetary and creative rewards can be enormous. Whether you wish to express yourself creatively and showcase your work to your close friends and associates, or if you want to explore a career as a photographer then this online workshop is for you. This course can be taken from anywhere in the world and it can be taken at you own pace whenever you have free time.

What You'll Need:

This is a course for any type of camera (digital or film) and with any type of manual or automatic control. We will teach you various methods to increase the quality of your pictures by astonishing amounts. We will show you how to create the type of photograph that is sure to impress even the most savvy photography critics. We will teach you about proper composition, lighting, how to use style, shape, color, lines and saturation to your advantage. We will also teach you about bringing out contrast, altering the mood of your photograph, how to shoot for black and white and monochromatic shots. We'll teach you how to photograph abstracts, portraits, landscapes, nature. In short, we are going to teach you everything you need to know to get started in photography or advance you from your current skill level. Whether you would like to have your own studio, photograph for magazines or simply keep your photographs for yourself as a constant reminder of the past, this course will help you achieve those goals.

Interactive & Without Borders:

Our online workshop is interactive and can be taken anytime, from anywhere in the world regardless of your previous experience, skill level, or camera type. As soon as you enroll in our course you can start learning right away. We teach those with both digital and film cameras how to take stunning photographs that are sure to impress crowds. We teach you how to look at the world differently and create your own unique visual photographic art form that is sure to separate you from the crowd..

What You'll Learn:

During our course you'll learn both fundamental and advanced picture taking techniques. Once you enroll in the course, you'll immediately be given a username and password to login to the site. There is no waiting for annoying confirmation emails or anything in the mail. As soon as you enroll you can start learning. From this point you'll start reading and going through each lesson and completing assignments as they're asked of you. There is no time limit on our course so you're welcome to go as quickly or take as long as you want. Each lesson will cover a major area of photography. Generally the course takes most people a week or two to complete. However, some people finish up as quickly as a weekend and others take as long as two months. You're welcome to go as quickly or take as long as you like.

Our photography course is unlike any other. Our main objective isn't to test you on photography theory. Instead we adopt an "outcomes based" model of learning where we are more concerned with your actual output as a photographer than we are on grading your quizzes. Our photography school is extremely practical and very focused on your betterment as a photographer. We're sure you'll see marked improvements in your work, after only an hour of going through the material and completing the assignments.

Our photography course consists of 10 lessons, 8 optional assignments and one final assignment that will be reviewed by one of our photography school staff members. After the review of your final project you'll get written feedback on your work and issued your own personalized 8x10 course completion certificate. You'll also have lifetime access to our assignment submission community where you can interact and learn from others in the photography class. We highly encourage our photography students to interact with one another as we found this is a great way to get the most out of this learning medium. This learning medium also encourages those who are otherwise shy to participate in class activity. Similarly, it's fun to meet others from around the world and get inspired by each others stories and surroundings. by looking at photographs by a photographer in Shanghai,  New York or Paris you may get inspiration or ideas for photographs were you are currently living.

Price & Delivery Method:

Best of all, for a limited time our online photography workshop is being offered for the amazingly low price of $87.50 (USD). This price includes the cost of everything (not including your own camera and film). All learning material is digital and completed online so you don't need to buy anymore materials after your enrollment. Likewise, this also includes the shipping of your personalized course completion certificate regardless of where you live.

We strongly believe in our product and offer a 1 year, no questions asked money back guarantee. If you are not happy with our online learning material and with your own progress as a photographer, simply email us and we'll refund 100% of your money.

Recap of what you'll receive

  • Invaluable online learning material that is sure to advance you as a photographer in the first day of learning

  • Lifetime access to our students only community where you can interact with other students from around the world, submit your assignments for review and find inspiration

  • Your own personalized 8x10 course completion certificate upon the submission of your final assignment

  • Helpful information on how to promote yourself as a photographer and sell your work to the public.

  • The convenience of being able to start learning minutes after enrolling in our online course and being able to work through the material at your own pace.

  • An unprecedented low price for a photography course. Without sacrificing quality we are able to offer you a learning curriculum that is hundreds of dollars less than other online photography courses

  • Hundreds of photographs which help you see visually what is being described in our course material

  • 1 year, 100% money back guarantee


If you're interested in enrolling please click on the enroll today button below and you'll be logged in and learning within the next 5 minutes!

We have received rave reviews from previous students: Click here to read their testimonials

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